Committed to providing the highest quality products and service, our sales team is detail oriented. All our work is done to the standards set by our VP of Sales, ensuring that our customers have a consitent and seamless experience every time.

At RJW Industrial Group, Inc., we combine our individual strenghts to create a team that provides services that can not be beat!

Keeping a project on task is a matter of logistics. We do an exceptional job at managing projects, by ensuring people understand relevant processes and the information that is communicated. From design, through oversight, to cost management, we are here to ensure your projects are completed on schedule


An organized approach to your inventory that allows for the forecast of usage requirements. Managed inventory programs prevent the costly stock shortages that will bring a company's production to a stop. A detailed, real time, picture of your inventory usage that affords control of inventory, increased productivity, and resultant cost savings. RJW Industrial offers programs tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.


RJW Industrial group can effect calibration, maintenance, and repair of nearly any industrial equipment. Products serviced include various measuring tools, gages, and indexable tools. RJW is proud to highlight one of our recycling programs: carbide recycling. Where we use our relationships to find the best value for your used carbide and pass that value back to you in the form of cash or future credit.

RJW Industrial Group, Inc. is a stocking distributor, meaning we can hold your products in our warehouse so you never run out. This could be a part of a managed invertory program or even a single item that you would like us to hold up to a years worth of stock at all times. And we do it for less than the big guys!



With a proven track record, our seasoned sales consultants can directly offer tailored solutions to your unique problems. Key services RJW provides include operational efficiency analysis, supply chain optimization, cost reduction, risk analysis, strategic planning, and technology integration. Choose RJW Industrial Inc. for a partnership that transcends conventional consulting or traditional distribution by providing strategic insights and operational enhancements to empower sustainable manufacturing success in today's competitive landscape.

Cribmaster is a provider of inventory management solutions for an industrial environment. RJW Industrial Group offers a range of Cribmaster products in conjunction with managed inventory programs. Inventory management programs based on Cribmaster systems increase productivity, decrease production down time, and effect remarkable cost savings.