RJW Industrial Inc. is a proud distirbutor of Consume Micro-Muscle by Spartan - WE MAKE CLEAN SIMPLE®!

Introducing Consume Micro Muscle, the industrial strength degreaser designed to tackle the toughest grease and grime. This powerful cleaner quickly breaks down and removes petroleum-based substances like motor oil, hydraulic fluid, stamping oils, and lubricants. Plus, it includes special ingredients that keep working to control odors long after you've cleaned, making your workspace not only cleaner but also fresher.

Ideal for use in manufacturing plants, print shops, repair shops, loading docks, and mass transit systems, Consume Micro Muscle is perfect for those who need reliable and efficient cleaning solutions. It’s especially effective in waste treatment systems, helping to break down and eliminate petroleum residues, which can improve overall system performance and reduce maintenance costs. Choose Micro Muscle for a cleaner, safer, and more pleasant working environment.

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